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Join Us in Newport Beach To Learn About The Future of Labor Relations

WHAT HAPPENS AT A CUE CONFERENCE? CUE @ Newport Beach = Leading Edge Learning + Special Networking Events + A Road Map to the Future of Labor Relations. Join Us!  $850 for members, $1,195.00 for non-members. Register here! Cutting Edge speakers  on pro-active human resources practices, and the latest developments in labor and employee relations […]

Culture Is a Four-Letter Word

Culture Is a Four-Letter Word I printed this article on my personal website and it generated enough interest in the HR community that I thought CUE members might have interest in reading it as well.  Blue’s main point here is that smart companies don’t wait for a communication or PR crisis similar to the flurry […]

Dem Warren will oppose Acosta’s nomination

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will oppose Alexander Acosta’s nomination for Labor secretary. In a statement, Warren said that “American workers deserve a Secretary of Labor who will make a straightforward commitment to fight for basic safety in the workplace, to ensure fair wages, and to protect families’ retirement funds — commitments Mr. Acosta refused to […]