Membership Benefits

CUE helps members to stay on the cutting edge of labor relations by providing education and information through a wide variety of resources.

As a member company, you have access to:

  • Our highly regarded semi-annual conferences at a substantial discount
  • Opportunities for learning and networking throughout the year including regional connections, members-only webinars & educational workshops
  • Timely updates on the latest developments in labor and employee relations via our CUE Newsletters
  • Free access to legal and consulting expertise through the Labor Lawyers Advisory Committee (LLAC) and CUE Consultants Advisory Committee (CCAC)
  • Access to CUE’s website and private members only portal

When a company joins CUE with an annual membership, the entire team you designate is then granted access to all the CUE member benefits including discounted conference rates, access to member-only webinars and the newsletter.

How to Join CUE

There are three steps to CUE membership.

Fill out the membership application online or email CUE so that the application can be sent to you.

Once your company is approved for membership, an invoice will be sent. Once processed, your company is officially a member!

Send contact information for all the team members you would like to include in your CUE membership.

Who Joins CUE?

CUE members are employers who are committed to providing positive work environments for their employees through the implementation of current practices designed to create a great place to work for all!

CUE members are:

  • Committed to positive employee relationships
  • Continually adjusting to new trends and new laws
  • Providing leadership that values employee engagement
  • Open to sharing key learnings with other CUE members


We asked CUE members: "How would you describe CUE to a business associate?"

CUE Member

A nationwide network of top HR Professionals, Lawyers and consultants committed to Positive Employee relations and Union Free Education.

CUE Member

Networking, tools, education for the "people" side of business.

CUE Member

CUE is the only place you can go to network and learn exclusively about positive employee relations and labor relations. The people are incredible. It's a "can't miss" meeting.

CUE Member

Excellent source of information for maintaining an issues free workplace. Provides for opportunities to connect with other business people facing the same workplace challenges as me.

CUE Member

A fantastic organization where like-minded peers can learn best practices from each other on important topics (union avoidance, employee engagement, etc.)

Assisting employers in establishing positive and forward-looking workplace practices for over 40 years.

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