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Promoting flexibility, productivity, quality of work life, fairness, the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting one’s future and the opportunity to succeed.

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  • How Employee Advocacy Can Help Build Positive Employee Relations


    Start Building Your Employee Advocacy and Influence Strategy For 2016 Hello and welcome back to a full workweek!  At my house, all the turkey is gone and the football games are over and the sleepy afternoon naps are over.  The Black Friday protests aimed at retailers were largely a bust. Time to get back to work […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving from CUE Inc.

    happy turkey

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday from the CUE staff! – Kelli, Morgan and Michael

  • The Realities Of Collective Bargaining


    Collective Bargaining Is Unpredictable Like the famous refrain set to music by the Rolling Stones, the desired outcomes of collective bargaining are often unpredictable. Last week, we posted about the renewed level of activity taking place at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, including: The union election covering workers responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery and robots […]

  • New Time Frame For Labor Relations Persuader Rules


    Persuader Agreements: Employer and Labor Relations Consultant Reporting Under the LMRDA  Based upon this information for the upcoming DOL regulatory agenda for Fall 2015, DOL and OLMS now plan to publish the final rule governing Employer and Labor Relations Consultant Reporting Under the LMRDA in March 2016. The Department of Labor intends to publish a […]

  • Labor Activity in Chattanooga Starting To Churn Again,_Tennessee#/media/File:Chattanooga,_Tennessee_Skyline.JPG

    Organizing in the South Remains Active Just in case you haven’t been following it for a minute, the labor activity in Chattanooga is picking up steam again on several fronts. NLRB Approves Micro Unit Election Request The National Labor Relations Board has just approved a petition for election by the UAW to hold an election […]

  • Work Stoppages Are Back


    Strikes are suddenly back in the news Last week, workers from fast food and restaurant employers went on strike along with workers from other industry sectors like health care, child care, and retail, conducting strikes and protests in 270 cities across America.  This week, workers at IKEA and Kohler are on strike. According to the Patriot Ledger, […]

  • Big Idea Friday: Ask Employees To Get Involved By Doing Good Works


    Build An Atmosphere of Kindness and Caring At the CUE Conference in Denver, several CUE experts spent part of a session talking about employers could utilize social media to build positive conversations with their employees.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring examples and ideas from companies that do an outstanding job of this. […]

  • Fast Food Strikes Back On November 10 Coupled With Political Protests To Raise Wages


    Fast-food workers are planning their largest nationwide strike yet next week and this time will leverage their crusade for a $15-an-hour wage in a bid to sway the 2016 presidential election.