An Organization for Positive Employee Relations CUE Can Help Maintain a Positive Environment CUE Can Help When a Union Comes Calling CUE Can Help During a Campaign CUE Can Help When the Election is Over

CUE Can help...

Maintain a Positive Environment
Find the tools you need to create a culture where third-party involvement isn't needed.
When a Union Comes Calling
Use our decades of knowledge to help you maintain your companys union-free environment.
During a Campaign
Get the support you need to face an election, address issues and avoid unionization.
When the Election is Over
Union or Union-Free... CUE can help you forge your company's positive new future.

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Learn ALL the benefits of becoming a CUE member: conferences, networking.

CUE Conferences

CUE Conferences

The most powerful and positive employee relations decision you can make this year is to attend a CUE Conference. With keynote speakers that get to the heart of the matter and knock-out presentations from CUE members themselves, you're sure to walk away with a renewed sense of what positive employee relations truly means. [More]

Remaining Union Free

CUE Collateral

Find the resources you need, from publications to videos, supervisor training to industry surveys - all in the CUE online store (CUE Members receive discounted price). [More]



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