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  • Rocky Mountain Highlights


    Here are some quick hit CUE headlines to keep you up-to-date on the labor front for today.

  • Labor Relations Issues Enter 2016 Political Race


    Labor Relations Summits Everywhere in October                 As the 2016 political races heat up, it seems increasingly inevitable that domestic employment and labor policy will be an on-going concern of candidates at all levels.  Some of the action kicks off in October with three different conferences or “Summits” […]


    Beware the Red Flags!

    Hiring For Cultural Fit Matters To Your Positive Employee Relations By CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting Eliot Burdett According to the Harvard Business Review, poor hires account for almost 80% of turnover rates in business and our own substantiated calculations show it can cost a company $697,000. In addition to costing cash up front, bad […]

  • CUE Best Practices Session: Managing Diversity and Generations in the Workplace

    MHFA President Gerry A Fernandez

    Practicing Cultural Intelligence Can Build Your Business   Another of the great Best Practice sessions that will be featured at the CUE conference in Denver next week will be Managing Diversity and Generations in the Workplace.  In this session, our panel of internal and external subject matter experts will learn how building Cultural Intelligence in your workplace […]

  • Labor Union Tries To Put the Bite On Apple

    Photo credit:

    Apple Facing Labor Dispute Issues in San Francisco Apple is building a new flagship store in San Francisco, but they’ve run into some labor problems along the way.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle and ConstructionDIVE, Apple is facing issues with contractors over unpaid bills, and has angered local building trade groups by not fulfilling […]

  • Why You Should Attend A CUE Conference


     CUE offers unparallelled networking and educational opportunities   If you seek to build and maintain a vibrant corporate culture CUE membership can help. CUE members find the resources and tools they need to support that effort within the CUE community. CUE membership offers a variety of resources ranging from a regular schedule of timely labor […]

  • Weekly NLRB Update from CUE


    Keeping You Up-to-date on the NLRB The National Labor Relations Board continues to be a weekly newsmaker when it comes to employers and the workplace. Here are some of the items we noticed this week here at CUE.   Former Board Member Johnson Joins Morgan Lewis Harry I. Johnson, until recently a member of the […]

  • Fiat Chrysler Contract Outcome Impacted by Social Media


    Facebook Impacting Collective Bargaining  According to an note in Politico Morning Shift, it’s looking like a virtual certainty that the Fiat Chrysler tentative contractual agreement with the UAW will be rejected by union members, largely due to concerns over a two tier wage system.  According to the Politico article, much of the rejection derives from […]