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Organizers taking advantage of new technology

  • February 25, 2016

ufcw e-card
Organizers taking advantage of new technology

It’s too early to start calling it a trend, but I’m hearing an increasing number of stories filtering in to the office from CUE members or on-line news stories regarding an uptick in the use of electronic organizing techniques by unions.

Examples of this type of activity that have been seen  recently include:

— an anonymous website aimed at Amazon;

— reports of a health care campaign in Pennsylvania where organizers were collecting signatures on an e-card on iPads;

— information on a new type of organizing software called Broadstripes CRM  that allows unions to collect employee information and organize it to generate maps, track employment data, create and create dynamic reports including heat maps and driving plans for home visits.

Stay tuned. It’s something to keep an eye on for now, and we will have a session covering these issues of Responding to Online Organizing at the conference in Orlando.