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NLRB to centralize decision-making, possibly overturn Purple Communications

  • August 1, 2018

NLRB to centralize decision-making, possibly overturn Purple Communications  

The NLRB will centralize decision-making, according to Bloomberg Law, in an effort to reduce the influence of regional directors, whom business groups see as too pro-labor.

In a memo sent to regional directors Monday, Beth Tursell, associate to the general counsel, said the changes would lead to higher quality and speed in decision-making.

“Under a centralized approach, decision-writers can expect to be called upon to draft decisions on short notice, and they will give that work the highest priorities,” she wrote.

The memo said that regional directors will be “expected to delegate” certain decision authorities to their supervisors, allowing supervisors to dismiss, withdraw or settle existing cases. Tursell said the approach was tested successfully in 17 of the 26 regional offices.

The National Labor Relations Board today asked for input on whether it should overturn Purple Communications, Inc., an Obama-era decision that allows employees to use corporate emails for union organizing after hours.

The notice, which asks the public to file briefs on the matter, suggests that the Republican-controlled board likely will reverse the Obama standard, barring organizers from using corporate email. While Purple Communications applied only to emails, the board also asked whether it should review the standard for other employer-controlled resources such as company phone lists.