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CUE Director Featured in PeopleMatter Expert Interview Series

  • July 18, 2016

Expert Interview Series: Michael VanDervort


Michael VanDervort, Executive Director of CUE Inc. shares his experiences on developing a positive and successful working environment

Great summary of a recent presentation I gave in Charleston. Thanks to PEOPLEMATTER for letting me be a part of their Expert Interview series.

At Collaborate ‘16, there was a noticeable focus by our thought leaders on the workplace and how creating a positive working environment leads to success in terms of improved retention and greater profits. Perhaps no speaker embodied this view more definitively than Michael VanDervort, Executive Director at CUE Inc., who joined us to offer some insight into creating a positive working environment for employees.
VanDervort’s top tip for creating a positive workplace? Invest in employees, pay as well as you can pay, and have recognition programs in place for milestones and top performers. Partner this with a set of values that you stand behind, and your team members will happily stand behind your company and management team, and take pride in growing the business.

Leadership Interview Series

  • June 8, 2016

collaboratCUE Director featured in PeopleMatter Collaborate 2016 Leadership Interview Series

Michael VanDervort, executive director, CUE, Inc., spoke at Collaborate ’16 about how employers can build positive employee workplace relationships. Here, he discusses the importance of investing your workforce, adapting to employment trends and changes in compliance requirements, and maintaining an internal response plan.

“There’s a proven ROI and return on profitability and investment as well as retention, recruitment, employer branding. There’s a lot of advantages, if you’re doing good things.”