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Nostradamus and the NLRB

  • December 23, 2015

Prognostication Doesn’t Have To HurtNostradamus_portrait

It’s time for the obligatory prediction blog post forecasting what’s coming ¬†on the labor and employee relations front in 2016:

  • Attempts by various business groups to delay implementation of the new persuader rules will fail. Demand for internal labor relations experts will rise accordingly.
  • The NLRB will issue a decision allowing temporary workers to organize.
  • Employers will be dragged into the political arena as a patchwork quilt of federal, state and local laws related to wage theft, scheduling, minimum wage and other terms and conditions of employment makes it increasingly complex to do business. increasin
  • The new FLSA rules and higher earnings threshold for overtime will alter the existing management structures for many employers.
  • Labor unions will increase the level of organizing activity in 2016, focusing especially on smaller units and micro unit strategies.
  • Attendance at 2016 CUE conferences will be at an all time high as companies look for help in responding to the on-going changes in the labor environment.