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Former employees sue IBM for age discrimination

  • March 28, 2019

Former employees sue IBM for age discrimination


According to a report from POLITICO, four former employees of IBM sued the tech company today in New York district court on grounds that it violated federal laws prohibiting age discrimination.

The lawsuit charges that in 2014, IBM altered its policy of disclosing the ages of employees affected by group layoffs as required under the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.

The law, which is intended to protect older workers from age discrimination, requires that when an employer requests that employees over age 40 waive their rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the company must furnish a breakdown of the ages of those being fired.

The legal action follows an investigative report published last year by ProPublica that found IBM shed more than 20,000 employees aged 40 and over in a span of five years.

According to today’s legal complaint, IBM altered its severance agreements to require employees waive their rights to file class-action lawsuits alleging age discrimination.

IBM was not immediately available for comment.