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  • June 5, 2016

Collaborative Employee Relations

CUE is an organization for employers who practice positive employee relations. We work with companies who want to build collaborative relationships in the workplace, and make things better. We strive to live up to that mission at all times, even when it comes to selecting the city and location of our conferences. Our next conference will be in Dallas. Here’s a look at the city and the hotel we will be visiting in October.

Dallas has become a huge business center in the US with many businesses from huge corporate headquarters down to socially conscious start-ups choosing Dallas as home base. Dallas is rapidly becoming a city of choice for Millennials to live and work, as reported recently in FORTUNE magazine.

Move over Austin, Dallas has officially cemented itself as the renaissance city of Texas. Home to over 41,000 regional headquarters and 20 of the top Fortune 500 companies, Dallas is quickly becoming a relocation hotspot for millennials who are transforming the city to reflect their values.

With this migration of socially conscious individuals moving into North Texas, Dallas is seizing an opportunity to unlock the potential for catalytic change. Recognizing the need for profit and purpose to merge, the city has taken initiative to become the national hub for social and sustainable enterprise, rebranding itself “The Impact City.”

One such company cited in the FORTUNE article is Dallas based social investment firm, Good Returns. The company  is trying to create “a new business model for corporate social responsibility by using corporate profit to provide a hand up instead of a hand out to those in need.”


Good Returns combines the resources and the reward cycle of a corporation with the heart of a non-profit, allowing businesses to create a semi-permanent pool of capital to be loaned to partner social enterprises. At the end of one year, loans are repaid to Good Returns, and, in turn, to the participating businesses so that investors may take their share of the profits. The pool of capital is replenished with the next year’s profits.  (Image Source: Good Returns)

Good Returns



  • Improve their businesses

  • Create jobs and build communities

  • Raise income levels

  • Provide for families

  • Improve health and nutrition

  • Access clean water and energy

  • Educate children and young adults

We’ll be exploring some of the issues surrounding corporate social responsibility at the next CUE Conference in Dallas in October, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, a location that itslef  represents the best value of CUE as shown below:

Hyatt Regency Dallas Awarded ‘Best Places To Work’ By Dallas Business Journal For Fourth Year In A Row

Visit Hyatt Regency Dallas and you encounter beautiful surroundings and friendly, smiling associates ready to help guests begin their experience. With a welcoming Texas charm, associates at Hyatt Regency Dallas hold the guest experience very near and dear to their heart.

Hyatt Regency Dallas is honored to be recognized, for the fourth year in a row, as a Best Place to Work by the Dallas Business Journal. With a fifth place overall ranking in the ‘Large’ category, Hyatt Regency Dallas has jumped five spots above the year prior.

Thirteen years running, the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Program strives to recognize the best companies to work for in North Texas. Participants are asked to answer anonymous questions about work/life balance, opportunities for career-advancement, overall enjoyment at the workplace, and many more.