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Fall 2019 CUE Conference Keynote Speaker and Topics

  • August 15, 2019

We are just sixty days away from the Fall 2019 CUE Conference in Las Vegas. There are lots of HR conferences where you might hear an update on a NLRB case law, or a company sharing one of their best employee relations practices, but there is only one HR community in which the members live and breathe positive employee relations.

There is no HR conference like a CUE conference.

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CUE is THE only conference where you get transparent sharing on campaign case studies, including mistakes that were made and opportunities to do better, and leadership discussions from the bleeding edge, along with glimpses into the internal operations of leading companies trying to build the best workplaces in the world.

Everything about a CUE conference is a little bit different and a little bit better than your average HR conference. We provide all your meals, and we don’t serve box lunches. We DO serve cocktails and offer great learning and networking opportunities.

Everything about a CUE conference is a little bit different and a little bit better than your average HR conference. We provide all your meals, and we don’t serve box lunches. We DO serve cocktails and offer great learning and networking opportunities.



Your CUE conference experience starts on Sunday afternoon where we offer a great combination of learning and networking.

New to CUE or labor relations? Join us for a 1-hour session on the basics of labor relations 101 at 3:15 PM and be sure to attend our first-time attendees orientation and networking event at 5:15 PM.

Want updates on labor and employee relations developments? Choose one of our Sunday Side Conversation sessions at 4:15 PM where you can learn how to Collaborate with Your Business Partners to Remain Union Free or hear about how to Respond to a Card Signing Campaign. Ask any labor relations questions you may have for our Ask the Experts panel at 5:15 PM.

Finally, join us for dinner and drinks at our Grand Opening Reception and Networking Event on Sunday at 6:00 PM.

On Monday, we have another day packed with learning opportunities covering a wide variety of topics. Enjoy a full breakfast, and then get set to turn your learning up to 11!

Into labor and employee relations? We’ve got a lot for you to learn about, including:

  • Labor Relations in Mexico @ 7:00 AM
  • An election campaign case study covering card signing from Marzetti
  • An election campaign case study from Pacific Western Transportation
  • Independent Contractors: Labor Law and Misclassification
  • Maintaining a Non-Union Workforce in a Union Environment
  • Managing in a Union Environment: The ABC’s of Positive Union Relationships

Need a dose of leadership goodness, and a dollop of best practices?

We will kick off with our conference keynote speaker, Ryan Avery who will show us how to Go From A to THE®: Stop Being A Leader. Start Being THE Leader!

Ryan Avery – THE Keynote Speaker

Ryan Avery

Visit Ryan’s Website | Check out Ryan’s Video

Other sessions include:

  • A culture case study on creating a collaborative work environment
  • A look at the impact of marijuana legalization: Is Drug Testing Up in Smoke?
  • Male-to-Female: A Transgender CEO’s Story

At lunch, we will have discussion tables featuring learning topics including social media and PER, and many others.

Monday evening, we will be hosting a laidback tailgate themed networking event at the hotel. This will begin at 5:30 PM and end at 7:30 PM for those who may want to partake of some of the Las Vegas nightlife. Drop by for a drink before heading out to dinner, or stay with us for dinner, drinks, and some football on the big screen.

On Tuesday, you get more of the same great learning starting with an early morning bonus session on AI and Its Impact on the Working World. From there, we will be covering labor and employee relations topics including:

  • The Future of Union Organizing
  • What’s Happening at the NLRB? – a moderated Q&A with Board member Marvin Kaplan and Roger King
  • Managing Union vs. Union-Free: Open Door/Grievance and Arbitration and Discipline At-Will vs. Just Cause

Our best practices and leadership sessions include:

  • You’ve Done an Engagement Survey – Now What?
  • Diversity & Positive Employee Relations
  • Winning Hearts & Minds via Communications

How NOT to Gamble with Your Positive Employee Relations
October 13-15, 2019 • Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us in Las Vegas for THE best labor and employee relations conference you will ever attend. If you aren’t a CUE member, drop me a note and I will be happy to share how joining CUE can save you $500 on your registration and get you started on a year-round focus on Positive Employee Relations.

New>>> Local CUE Roundtable Events

  • January 17, 2016

New, Free and Hot >>> Local CUE Round-table Eventsroundtable

Hit the road with CUE Inc. in 2016!  Join CUE members, CUE experts and local business leaders for a wide ranging discussion on what forces are impacting labor and employee relations in your local area. If you have staff members in any of the following locations, they can register to attend one of these free events.

January 28th in Atlanta – from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

February 17th in Orlando – 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

March 9th in Thomasville NC – from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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