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8 Reasons to Reread Your Employee Handbook

The EEOC and NLRB are constantly reviewing cases that involve employee handbooks.  If you haven’t updated your policies in a while, you may want to consider whether your handbook is protecting your company or making it more vulnerable.  Here are a few of the most recent issues raised by the legal panel at CUE’s 2017 Fall Conference:

It’s Yuuge – Labor Law Update & Trump’s First 100 Days

    President Trump said he’d be an instant disrupter, and our lives will certainly be disrupted over the next few years.  Here are some labor law predictions from our panel of experts at the 2017 CUE Spring Conference. The NLRB Trump got elected to drain the swamp, but he’s finding out that DC is […]

NLRB Rules Workplace Recording Policy Unlawful

Photography and audio or video recording in the workplace, as well as the posting of photographs and recordings on social media, are protected by the NLRB