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International Labor Update

International Labor Update One of the most enlightening sessions at the 2017 CUE Spring Conference was the international labor update. If you operate as a part of an international company, this is a case of “what you don’t know can and will hurt you.” Regional Differences Matter International labor experts identify major differences in four […]

NLRB official rejects Columbia objections to grad union vote

Politico Pro is reporting that the NLRB has rejected arguments from Columbia University over a recent election in which graduate students voted overwhelmingly to be represented by the UAW.

Here’s What Communication Consultants Are Telling Unions To Tell Your Workers

Messaging Matters Union membership in the United States has fallen to the lowest level ever, but that doesn’t mean labor unions aren’t still out there talking to your employees.  Just the opposite is true.  While unions are struggling with traditional organizing, they are busy trying to refine their messaging for today’s worker.  Over the next […]