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How the CUE Community can help you

Recently a member submitted the following questions:

  • • Do any other members have 24/7 operations? If so, how are you staffing that operation with F/T employees?
  • • We are looking at the possibility and have considered a rotating 4 day, 10 hour shift. Also there would be a set weekend shift – work 36 hours but paid for 40 – similar to the health industry. Any advice?

Numerous members responded, offering valuable insights into implementation issues, compensation, employee concerns they experienced, and resources to assist with implementation.

Company 1:

I worked for several years with a 24/7 location with different shifts. 6 hour shifts –4 per day on certain equipment. 8 hour shifts – 3 per day. We did not allow OT in most positions.  Only allowed it at crunch time for certain advanced roles.”

Company 2:

We have a number of sites with 24/7 schedules…details are complicated.  Would take a phone call with the local HR Manager that I could arrange for you.”

Company 3:

We have different 24/7 schedules. We use a consultant specializing in transitioning to these types of schedules who educates our workforce on the benefits of such schedules, how we can balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the business, reviews various schedules and nuances of each, conducts an employee survey, then comes back with 3-4 schedules that meet the majority of employee wants/needs as determined by the survey. Employees appreciate that we brought someone in from outside to explain rationale for schedules and then allow them to vote on preferred schedule.  Not all are happy with the schedule we end up with, but they all know they each had a say in determining the schedule and that we didn’t just “cram a schedule down their throats.”  Not necessarily how most companies choose to make this transition, but it’s worked for us.”