Why You Should Attend A CUE Conference

  • October 3, 2015

 CUE offers unparalleled networking and educational opportunities  teamwork-2-1236611-640x480

If you seek to build and maintain a vibrant corporate culture CUE membership can help. CUE members find the resources and tools they need to support that effort within the CUE community.

CUE membership offers a variety of resources ranging from a regular schedule of timely labor relations updates, and our store where you can browse and purchase some of the most powerful communications resources in the industry to the incredible networking and educational opportunities available through our CUE Conferences, and the CUE community throughout the year.

Employee engagement is an ongoing effort, and CUE can help your company with this. One way in which we can do that is through providing exceptional learning opportunities at our conferences where top experts present the latest ideas on leadership and engagement.  We’ll help you find answers to questions that matter to your bottom line.

Is your organization healthy? 

Best practices session: Keep Calm and Measure On. Activate Insights for High Performance will take you on a best practices journey to optimizing engagement survey data and activating those insights for high performance.  This panel will profile a model that is a literal map of what it takes to move along the continuum of surveying your workforce and translate your engagement survey data into a powerful business investment in leadership, culture, and performance.

Are you hiring the right people?

Best Practices session: Selecting and Interviewing for Cultural Fit will help answer that question.  Join our expert panel as they explore how to select employees who effectively fit the culture of your company and live your values every day. Hiring is one part art, and one part science and our experts will share best practices on how they train supervisors and managers to hire employees who will help keep their brands great. They will also explore some of the potential pitfalls of bad selection decisions, and how to avoid them.

What kind of leaders do you have in the organization?

Leadership is described in many ways, often by a mash-up of trendy buzzwords that really tell you nothing. What companies really need is a way to help their managers model leadership behaviors which allow them to serve as role models of your organizational culture and values.

If one leadership behavior predicted high performance 88% of the time, would you want to know what it is?  Our pre-conference workshop on Approachable Leadership by management expert Phil Wilson will answer that question, and show you how the leaders in your organization can:

  • Practice and get comfortable using approachability behaviors;
  • Deal with obstacles and roadblocks they will encounter on their approachability journey;
  • Understand the importance of follow-through and how to handle situations they can’t fix;
  • Identify opportunities to apply approachability as soon as they leave the workshop;
  • Choose a co-mentor to work with and support them as they build their “approachability muscle memory”

These are just a few examples of what your company leaders will learn while attending one of our conferences.  CUE conference events offer a cutting-edge focus on pro-active human resources practices and the latest developments in labor and employee relations. CUE conferences also offer unparalleled networking opportunities with hundreds of other labor relations, human resources and operations management professionals.  Even if you can’t join us in Denver, consider a CUE membership for 2016 to start sharing these great educational and networking opportunities with your leadership team.