What’s the Deal in Labor Relations in 2017?

  • March 25, 2017

Labor and Employee Relations in the Trump Era

The slide deck entitled “What’s the Deal in Labor Relations?  Labor and Employee Relations in the Trump Era” was presented by Michael VanDervort (@CUEinsca on Twitter)  and Phillip Wilson (@ApproachableLeader on Twitter) at the 2017 SHRM Legislative and Law Conference #SHRMLeg.

Our general thesis was that in his heart, President Donald Trump is a deal-maker, and that he will run his labor policy in that fashion. We believe he will be more business friendly, but will work pragmatically with labor unions that will support his agenda, especially on issues like trade, infrastructure or building a physical wall as part of desire to close the southern U.S. border.

You can check out the full deck on slideshare.  If you are looking for someone to speak on this topic, feel free to contact me or Phil.


[slideshare id=73635977&doc=trumpmikephilnovid-170325162943]