Webinar: Four Things Your Leaders Must Have to Be Successful

  • October 11, 2018

The Four Things Your Leaders Must Have to Be Successful: 
Soft Skills For Leaders 

led by Chris Craddock

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
3:00 – 4:00 PM (Eastern)


(Receive 1 SHRM credit)

Soft Skills For Leaders (and why they matter now more than ever!)
How you can create effective leaders, empower your teams and make your company an employer of choice.

First, Chris will share some statistics on why most leadership training doesn’t create better leaders, including a recent Gallup poll of more than 2.5 million manager-led teams. This study’s results were sobering, in that fewer than 30% of US workers feel engaged in their work, and some 50%+ have left a job due to poor management.

Then, Chris will dig into the path to creating a culture of leadership excellence, including teaching leadership skills, creating better leaders and becoming an employer of choice. From there, the presentation will move into a four-point checklist for leader success, identifying the critical skills needed for effective management as well as offering innovative methods for developing talented employees into excellent leaders.

Checklist item #1: The Ability to Motivate
Learn how to spot someone who is a strong motivator, and get a 5-step exercise that can be applied across your organization to teach motivational skills.

Checklist item #2: The Ability to Provide Support
Here, you’ll get insight into the leadership skills needed to solve problems, look ahead, and resolve conflict. Get pointers on interviewing leadership candidates and how to measure their ability to provide support.

Checklist item #3: Continuous Improvement
Are your leaders lifelong learners? Do they take the opportunity to improve themselves and their people? You’ll get an idea of related skill,s such as providing effective feedback and the ability to coach teams.

Checklist item #4: The Ability to Make Connections
Here, Chris will talk about the reasons employees leave – because they often don’t leave companies, they leave managers. You’ll learn about meaningful connections and how to build trust over time. We’ll offer up some ways to identify potential leaders that have the ability to connect with others.

Chris will also tie in these 4 areas with remaining union-free. How creating company advocates (motivation), creating a union-proof workforce (connect), listening to employee voice (support) and learning the basics about unions (improve) can all contribute to greater engagement and exceptional leaders.

To wrap up, you’ll get some great examples of how, once companies identify leaders with these traits, they can then offer training that reinforces skills in each of the four areas. These examples will include both training videos and leadership expert videos. We’ll talk about the topics that each of these areas encompass, such as ethics, coaching, feedback, and change management (improve); productivity, conflict resolution, delegation, diversity, and time management (support); decision-making, creating brand ambassadors, effective listening, engagement and planned connections (connect); and inspiring productivity, building morale, developing trust, and goal-setting (motivate).