UAW Busy on Several Fronts

  • October 30, 2017

UAW Seeks to Organize Chinese Owned Glass Manufacturer in Ohio

We had people leave the CUE conference in Indianapolis because of the filing of a UAW organizing petition at the Chinese owned Fuyao Glass plant located in Moraine Ohio. The petition for a representation election cites what union lawyers describe as a pattern of unsafe workplace conditions, arbitrary policies and unfair and unequal treatment of employees at Fuyao Glass America. The NLRB election has been scheduled for November 8 and 9th when workers will vote to decide if they want to be represented by the UAW or not.

UAW members from Ohio and surrounding states rallied at the gates of the Fuyao plant on October 25th.. 

The UAW has also been involved two other organizing disputes, both of them in California.

UAW claims UC discouraged graduate students from joining unions

At the University of California at Berkeley, a UAW local representing students are criticizing an email from a UC official informing graduate students about joining a union was sent Monday, following a state amendment signed the week prior allowing graduate student researchers to be represented by unions.

Fiona Doyle, the vice provost for graduate studies and dean of the graduate division, sent out the email to all UC Berkeley graduate students, and a similar email was sent to all campuses in the UC system to their respective graduate students.

According to Maggie Downey, UC Berkeley graduate student researcher and the campus chair of United Auto Workers Local 2865, a union representing UC student workers, the email was intended to discourage UC Berkeley students from joining UAW. Seems more like an effort to make students aware of their rights which any employer should do, even UC Berkeley.

Tesla’s Recent Mass-Firings Were Done To Hurt Unionizing Efforts: UAW

Earlier this week, the UAW filed an unfair labor practice charge against Tesla, claiming the company harassed, intimidated, and fired workers who openly advocated for unionizing its California factory. The charges follow the firing of several hundred employees by Tesla, citing “performance” issues.