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Make The Most of Your CUE Conference Experience (Part 1)

  • April 19, 2017

The Learner’s  Conference Checklist:

Word of the Week – Engagement

One of the most common goals for conference attendees is to simply soak up as much information as possible. This goal can come with a few secondary goals:

  • Bring knowledge back to your team
  • Better yourself and become a more valuable asset to your team
  • Generally gain awareness about a particular industry or

The checklist below contains some of the most important points to remember if you’re attending a conference primarily to learn.

Before the Conference:

Come with a list of questions you’d  like to find answers for.

Based on those questions and the conference materials, determine which sessions you would like to attend, and which speakers and attendees you’d like to talk with.

Add your session schedule to your calendar or use the CUE Conference app to save your schedule.

Bring a team (or buddy) so you can tag-team overlapping sessions.

During the Conference:

Write down at least one key take-away from each session or conversation.

Actively participate in sessions and conversations so the information really sinks in.

Make sure each team member (or friend) takes helpful notes that help answer your list of questions.

After the Conference:

Separate wisdom from action. Come back to work with answers to all of your questions and create a list of actionable next  steps.

Share what you learned with your team or company. You may do this by putting together a presentation or writing a blog post.

Use the app or social media to post interesting observations during the event using the hashtag #CUE40

CUE Inc to Celebrate 40th Anniversary. Spring 2017 Registration Now Open

  • December 20, 2016

CUE Inc to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

It’s almost 2017, and everyone is going through the year end craziness of preparing for the holidays and prepping for the new business year ahead.  If you work in human resources and employee relations, you need to answer one question.

What does the future hold for your organization when it comes to developing your labor and employee relations strategy, and creating the positive employee relations environment that will help you maximize your results?

CUE Inc. has been helping employers answer this question for 40 years, and we’ll be doing so again as we head into 2017 and the many changes and issues that will confront employers under the leadership of President Trump and his administration.  Issues like globalization, immigration, trade reform, newly developing technology like machine intelligence and the continuing evolution of the labor movement will impact your business in 2017. Do you know where to turn?

Check our the Spring 2017 CUE Conference event page!

Attend the Spring 2017 CUE Labor and Employee Relations Conference for three days of learning including innovative speakers, networking with top labor and employee relations professionals, and idea exchanging that you can put to work immediately.

CUE will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in Newport Beach with some special events, but we’ll continue to offer the cutting edge learning  and networking that you value so much.  With more than 20 sessions, this is a great opportunity to hear case studies, and learn what you need to know to maintain your positive employee relations edge in 2017.

CUE Members – Get the 2016 Rate When You Register by January 31, 2017!

CUE Members – we’re please to be able to offer you early registration savings — Get the 2016 conference rate of $775.00  by registering by January 31. For 2017 conference pricing for will $850.00 for members, and $1,195.00 for non-members.  Registration for the conference will include a welcome reception, all general and concurrent sessions, all meals, and networking events each day including a special beach party on Monday night.

New Learning Resource for Employee Relations

  • October 21, 2016

New Learning Resource for Employee Relations ty-dallas-banner-with-title

We just finished up a fantastic conference in Dallas.   We truly appreciate everyone who helped make it a big success.

While I was there, I got to take a look at a brand new and innovative product offering from one of our CUE Consultant Advisory Committee partners.  It’s called the UnionProof Certification Course from Walter Orechwa and his team at Projections.

We don’t do promotion or solicitation for products here at CUE, but this offering is something that many of our members might want to take advantage of.  It’s an on-line learning course that provides a great way to offer training for someone newly assigned to a labor labor and employees position, or to continue to build on the learning for your staff members who have attended the CUE Certification course, which has been attended by more than 150 managers in the past two years.

It’s a comprehensive offering covering all aspects of labor and employee relations  for anyone who needs to get a solid foundation or bone up on new developments. Attendees get 24 hours of SHRM or HRCI credit.   It will have live office hours for attendees every week. In fact, I’m covering several of the courses as part of the support from CUE.

You can get more information here, but today is the last day for the first course.  The next course won’t be offered until spring of 2017.