Quickie Elections One Year Later

  • April 20, 2016


Newly released by the NLRB – data on the impact of the revised “quickie” election process.

Annual Review of Revised R-Case Rules

On April 14, 2016, the National Labor Relations Board marked one year since the implementation of its revised rules governing representation-case procedures, which became effective April 14, 2015. These rules were designed to remove unnecessary barriers to the fair and expeditious resolution of representation cases, simplify representation-case procedures, codify best practices, and make them more transparent and uniform across regions. Addressing discrete, specifically identified problems, the Board’s updated representation case rules sought to streamline Board processes, increase transparency and uniformity across regions, eliminate or reduce unnecessary litigation, duplication, and delay, and modernize the Board’s rules on documents and communications in light of current communications technology.

The following tables represent a side-by-side comparison of representation case filings, processing, and results under the first year of the new rules, as compared with the same period one year prior.

Some notable statistics.

  • The number of decertification petitions dropped
  • Pre-election hearings dropped from 14 days to 10 days
  • The average number of days between petition filing and holding the elction dropped from 38 to 24.

NLRB quickie election charts 1


nlrb quickie election chart 2