Join Us at the Spring 2018 CUE Conference In Tampa

  • January 10, 2018
Spring 2018 CUE Conference

Tampa Marriott Waterside. Site of the Spring 2018 CUE Conference

Why the Spring 2018 CUE Conference? 

A CUE Conference is unlike any other HR conference out there.  The Spring 2018 CUE Conference promises to be one our best yet.  Terrific location, great topics, and speakers.

 “CUE is the only place you can go to network and learn exclusively about positive employee relations and labor relations. The people are incredible. It’s a “can’t miss” meeting.”

CUE Inc. sits on the cutting edge of Positive Employee Relations trends – offering unparalleled opportunities to meet with other business leaders engaging in conversation, and practitioners sharing their internal learning and best practices. Speakers at this event are some of the most admired and innovative thinkers in the field of positive employee relations today.

Our lowest registration price of $800 for active members is available until the end of January.

Need help getting the approval to attend?

Let’s face it..

When you’re working for someone else, it’s hard to ASK to spend their money, especially when it comes to attending a conference. The ticket cost, airfare, hotel, and other expenses start to add up in your boss’ head before you can mutter the words, “Can I go?”

We’ve got some tips to help you get that approval to register from your manager!

Spring 2018 CUE Conference – Cutting Edge Lineup of Topics

This year’s lineup of topics includes:

  • Digital Media: Taking Control of the Narrative on Social Media
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll with It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change
  • Approachability and Retention
  • The Publix Story: Building a Great Place to Work
  • Labor Law Update from the CUE Labor Lawyer Advisory Committee
  • How the SCOTUS Janus case will impact labor by unions by lead attorney Bill Messinger
  • Sexual Harassment/LGBTQ: #MeToo Implications for your PER program
  • How to Build a Campaign Communications Program on a Shoestring
  • How to Conduct a Harassment Investigation in 2018
  • Speaking Candidly with Employees About Employee Relations
  • Automation and the Impact on Employees
  • How to Build Measurable Leadership Competencies
  • Hiring Engaged Employees
  • Three Megatrends Reshaping Employee Relations
  • Human Rights: The New Labor Relations Issue
  • Campaign Case Studies

Special Post-Conference Workshop

Additionally, we are offering a special post-conference workshop entitled Social Media and Positive Employee Relations.  Cost of the workshop for members is only $160. Courtney Cherry from Reputation Partners, Peter List from Labor Union Report, and Walter Orechwa from Projections will teach the workshop. Topics to be covered include:

  • the basic foundations of social media and how to develop an internal social media policy for 2018.
  • How unions are utilizing social media in 2018.
  • How employers can use social media to reach out to employees, including best practices from Boeing and others.
  • How to reach out to community and employee audiences via Facebook tools, including examples from recent organizing campaigns.
  • How to educate your employees on the need for “online safety,” and why it is essential for employees to protect their personal information and signature online.

How will this benefit your company?

Forward-leaning organizations are embracing the concepts behind positive employee relations more than ever.  With many of the NLRB decisions of the past several years having been relaxed recently, now is the time to focus on strengthening your positive employee relations program to deal with the issues facing employers in 2018.

Promoting flexibility, productivity, quality of work life, fairness, the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting one’s future and the chance to succeed by providing the best employee experience possible will drive stronger employee and company performance for our organization.

These are the types of breakthrough insights I’ll gain at the Spring 2018 CUE Conference – and can bring back and put to work at [COMPANY NAME].  The CUE Conference will give me proven strategies and actionable ideas on how we can help build positive employee relations, motivate our workforce, increase employee engagement, and boost productivity.