Make The Most of Your CUE Conference Experience (Part 2)

  • April 19, 2017

Network like crazy!

Fist time attender – join our orientation and scavenger hunt team building activity on Sunday afternoon!

Use the app or social media to post interesting observations during the event using the hashtag #CUE40

The Networker’s Conference Checklist:

Conferences can house hundreds or thousands of intelligent industry professionals and influencers. In fact, the reason “Happy Hour” exists at conferences is so these smart people can intermingle and meet each other. However, this is often easier said than done … unless you have the right plan laid out before you arrive. The checklist below contains some of the most important points to remember if you’re attending a conference with the purpose of networking.

Before the Conference:

Create a list of people you’d  like to connect with during the  conference.

Make connections with these people online before the conference by using the CUE Conference App. Set up a time to meet through the App as well.

Order business cards and Thank You cards.

During the Conference:

When you are at our networking events, cocktail receptions and breaks, make sure you walk around, leave your comfort zone, and start conversations.

Remember to exchange business cards. These will help you stay connected after you have ended the conversation. (Not to mention its a great way to remember names).

Take written (or digital) notes of who you spoke with, what they do, and what they said they could help you with.

After the Conference:

Follow up with everyone you met during the conference. For some, this could be  a simple follow on Twitter with a message saying“It was great to connect”. For others, you might want to send a hand written Thank You  note.

Share with your team, who you met and what they can help your team with.