How To Get Approval From Your Manager To Attend The Fall 2017 CUE Conference

  • September 6, 2017

Get Approval From Your Manager To Attend The Fall 2017 CUE Conference

Let’s face it, when you’re working for someone else, it’s difficult to ask your manager to spend money, especially when it comes to attending a conference.   

The ticket cost, airfare, hotel, and other expenses start to add up in your boss’ head before you can mutter the words, “Can I go to the CUE Conference in Indianapolis in October?”

We’ve got some tips to help you get that approval to register from your manager!

  1. Focus on the Business Benefit

Here are some testimonials from current CUE members about why they attend our conferences year after year:

“Excellent Organization for “state of the art”, timely, information for creating and/or maintaining a positive employee relations environment in support of a union free workplace, provides excellent networking opportunity for HR professionals.”

“An organization that provides strong support and great resources via high quality conferences and superior networking opportunities to help our organization understand the best practices in sustaining a positive employee relations environment.”

“A network of highly educated and trained professionals who provide valuable information/insight into the current labor issues. Provides excellent training and information at the CUE conferences. It is truly one of the best conferences I have attended.”

“CUE is the only place you can go to network and learn exclusively about positive employee relations and labor relations. The people are incredible. It’s a “can’t miss” meeting.”

  1. Describe How You Will Get the Most Out of the Event

Show your manager the topic and speaker list on the conference page, or clip topics from this session list below to share:

  • Boeing Election Case Study
  • The Cost of Unionization 2.0
  • Canadian Labour Law Update
  • How Engagement Impacts Your Employer’s Bottom Line
  • The Impact of Automation on Employee Relations in the Workplace
  • The Relationship Comes First: Discovering the True Path to Employee Engagement
  • Employee Relations Panel: Global Growth, Change and Positive Associate Relations
  • Labor Law and Local Policy Impact in the U.S.
  • Fuyao Corporate Campaign Case Study
  • Best Practices: How to Recruit in a Tight Labor Market
  • Labor Relations 101: Getting Back to Basics
  • Navigating ER/LR Issues during Acquisitions & Mergers
  1. Explain How You Will Minimize Travel Costs

Travel to the Fall 2017 CUE Conference doesn’t have to be expensive! CUE provides one of the most affordable conferences you will find anywhere. We cover your meal costs by offering great receptions on Sunday and Monday evening, and full breakfast and lunch on both conference days. If you are a member, this is all included in your registration fee of $850. For non-members, the rate is higher but still very affordable at $1,195.

Flights to Indianapolis are still readily available for under $300, depending upon where you are traveling from. Rooms in our block rate are $179 a night. Most of your meals are covered.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve even created a short template you can use to put your request together when you go ask for approval!

Dear [Manager],

I would like to attend the Fall 2017 CUE Labor and Employee Relations Conference taking place on October 15-17 in Indianapolis, IN.

This is an event that provides a rare opportunity to network with, and learn from, peers who are singularly focused on positive employee relations and dive deeper into areas related to this focus than any other organization in the world.

The sessions are focused on real, actionable content that we can implement immediately to grow our company—especially [SPECIFIC AREA OF FOCUS].

I am most excited about [SESSION] with [SPEAKER of COMPANY] because I will learn how to better [SPECIFIC STRATEGY].

As the [YOUR POSITION] of [COMPANY], I plan to attend the following agenda to capitalize my time and get the most immediately useful information:


The cost to attend the event includes:

  • Registration cost: $850 member / $1,195.00 non-member
    • Travel expenses: [ESTIMATE]
    • Hotel: [ESTIMATE]
    • Meals per diem: [ESTIMATE]
    • Commuting costs: [ESTIMATE]

I’ve estimated the total budget to attend the event as [ESTIMATE].

I am confident that you will see this as a worthwhile investment.

Attending will offer the chance to engage with a great network of experienced professionals facing similar challenges that are open and willing to share knowledge and resources from the very biggest companies to small one-person HR shops from many different business sectors.


[Your Name]