Five Things (out of 21) That You Don’t Want Your Managers Doing

  • December 17, 2015

Approachability Matters in Managers

At our Fall 2015 conference in Denver, one of the highlights of the event was a workshop by leadership expert Phil Wilson who covered the topic of Approachable Leadership.  Earlier today, I saw Wilson quoted in an article on the Mainstreet website. The article featured several points by Wilson and is entitled 21 Things Horrible Bosses Do That Ruin Companies and Make People Quit.


According to WIlson and the article, the classic horrible boss has these qualities:

  • He isn’t specific with feedback.
  • She shoots the messenger.
  • He tries to motivate through money or perks. 
  • She abuses her power by saying things like … “If you don’t like it here, there’s a McDonald’s down the street and you can go to work there.”
  • They are unapproachable.  Doors stay closed, and they are always to be busy to make eye contact in a meeting when you’re having a meeting, Wilson says. “In the worst cases, she’s going to be standing there talking to you and take a phone call and just walk away, completely ignoring you,” he says.

If you want help in responding to these issues, CUE works with experts like Wilson to create learning opportunities throughout the year.  If you missed the workshop in Denver and would like to attend, you can attend the upcoming open enrollment Approachable Leadership workshop being held in Oklahoma City in  February 2016.