Employee Appreciation Day Should Be a Daily Thing

  • February 29, 2016

5 things managers can do daily to show employees they matter

On March 4th, managers across the United States have the chance to support, thank and reward workers on Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday in March.

Employee Appreciation Day is happening this Friday. Since today is Leap Day – you’ve got an extra day to plan how you are going to show your emploaapreciateyees that you truly appreciate them.

It’s not an official holiday.

There won’t be any paid time off.  There’s no rule that you have to send roses.

What’s really important is understanding that as a manager,  you can’t practice recognition only one day a year on a fake holiday and be successful.

Recognition is something that great managers practice every day of the year.

5 things managers can do daily

Here are five things you can every day to ensure your employees feel like you appreciate them all year long.

  • Say “Thank You”  when they do something well.
  • Maintain an active safety program
  • Practice active Team Member recognition
  • Resolve Problems (Open Door) when they first show up at your door!
  • Utilize your company feedback process constructively  and take action on feedback you give and receive during the process.

You and your employees will appreciate the results you obtain from practicing these simple daily tasks.