CUE Weekly Headline Update – October 16, 2015

  • October 16, 2015

CUE Weekly Headline Update

The CUE conference in Denver is now past and the feedback from attendees has been amazing.  More than 300 attendees met earlier this week learning about all the latest developments in labor and employee relations, and headed home with solid ideas for building a positive workplace environment.  While the CUE staff travels home and spends a little time with our families, here are some links to end the week.

Thanks to all our speakers, attendees and volunteer leaders who truly helped us in Reaching the Summit of Positive Employee Relations!

weekly updateAttendees who would like to take advantage of the offer from CUE keynote speaker Kris Dunn to get your own 9 box grid leadership profile done can send your request to him here.

Millennials Aren’t Special – They Just Have Great Timing

Minneapolis leaders take workplace scheduling plan off the table

Resource Update – Navigating the “Shadow Workforce” of Interns, Volunteers, Independent Contractors and Temporary Workers

Fiat Chrysler Said to Double Use of Temp Workers in UAW Contract


Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Communicators from CUE pre-conference workshop leader Phil Wilson

And finally,  this story from Politico could create travel frustration for some this weekend.


Some Uber drivers are pushing for a strike this weekend. According to a Facebook events page, strike organizers are calling on Uber to raise rates by 60 percent nationwide, add tip options, raise the cancellation fee to $7, and raise the minimum fare to $7. The strike will test whether or not Uber drivers can successfully organize meaningful collective action, even though the company insists they are not employees.