CUE Spring Conference 2020: Adding Online Option

  • March 13, 2020

Health and Safety is our first priority, and, on that note, we have been liaising closely with the Sheraton New Orleans; our host hotel. Through this partnership we have secured the ability to go forward with the Spring CUE Conference should it be deemed safe to travel and congregate in May. For those Conference participants who can’t or prefer not to travel, the Conference will be available online. We will also feature a special segment on Covid-19 for Employers. Networking is a key component of our Conference and will be available in the online format.

Conference material and best practices shared in our community provide invaluable information and guidance for our members and attendees, specifically in times of uncertainty and crisis.

Like you, we will continue to work hard to address challenges and adapt in these rapidly changing times. Together, we have an important role to play in driving positive employee relations.

Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions. As a member-supported community for positive employee relations, thank you!

Anne Cooper, J.D.
Interim Executive Director