Breaking: National Labor Relations Board Moves to End “Quickie” Union Election Rule

  • December 12, 2017

NLRB Moves to End “Quickie” Union Election Rule

The National Labor Relations Board today took the first step to undo an Obama-era rule concerning union elections.

The Obama era union election rule , finalized in 2014, sought to speed up union organizing by postponing litigation on eligibility issues until after an election takes place. It also scrapped a mandatory 25-day waiting period between when an election is ordered and when it takes place, and required employers to release employees’ contact information to organizers. Supporters said it eliminated common stall tactics by businesses, while opponents argue it allows unions to “ambush” employers with elections.

A request for information set to be published on the Federal Register Wednesday asks whether the board should revise the rule or get rid of it altogether. The request was approved 3-2 by the board’s conservative majority.

This move is not unexpected, and is one of many changes that could be announced by the new more conservative Trump NLRB in the coming days.  There will be a flurry of case decisions released in the next few days as the term of current NLRB Chair Phil Miscimarra comes to an end.