Another union official resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

  • November 7, 2017

AFL-CIO official resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

According to POLITICO, the AFL-CIO’s chief budget director resigned Monday amid allegations that he sent lewd messages to a female employee and tried to pressure her into sex, a union spokesman confirmed today.

Bloomberg first reported today that the employee, Terry Stapleton, was disciplined for sexual harassment and later resigned when he learned of a forthcoming story on sexual harassment in the labor movement. Stapleton reportedly sent lewd text messages to a secretary and tried to coax her into coming to his hotel room, and suggested he could protect her from getting laid off in exchange for sexual favors.

Stapleton was sent for mandatory training, moved to a different office, and suspended for two weeks without pay, then resigned on Monday, according to Bloomberg. It’s unclear whether Stapleton was disciplined for the incident with the secretary or for a different set of allegations.

Stapleton is the latest focus in a widening public discussion about sexual harassment in unions. Last month, SEIU Executive Vice President Scott Courtney resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

More on the story here from Bloomberg.