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About CUE

Our Mission

At CUE, our mission is to assist employers in creating and maintaining a strong and independent workplace culture through positive employee relations. CUE is a non-profit, member run organization dedicated to assisting companies that believe that their employees deserve a workplace that built around flexibility, productivity, quality of work life, fairness, the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting ones future and the opportunity to succeed.


We believe in employee relations practices which foster these objectives, which value individual workers and are fundamentally pro-employee. We have encouraged union-free work environments by eliminating the need for unions through such practices. Whether conducting research, disseminating information, sharing experiences, or educating members on union-free environments, CUE has consistently promoted the values of positive employee relations.

CUE seeks to educate its member companies in these positive practices through a wide variety of resource offerings including two annual conferences, educational workshops, member to member networking, our annual labor relations survey, case studies, videos and other publications.

The core of our success lies with our Member companies, both union and union-free, representing a cross-section of business and industry, from small firms to Fortune 50 companies willing to share best practices in labor and employee relations.

If your organization could benefit from building a more positive workplace environment, or you need assistance with issues related to potential union organizing, CUE can help.

Michael VanDervort
Executive Director, CUE – An Organization for Positive Employee Relations