A Huge Piece of the US Economy is Under Attack

  • September 12, 2016

Report: Franchising accounts for 16.1 million private-sector jobs

According to a report via Politico, the franchise industry was responsible for 16.1 million private-sector jobs in 2016, according to a report for the International Franchise Association Education and Research Foundation.


In addition, the report estimated that franchised businesses directly contributed $541.1 billion to GDP and “met a $351.1 billion payroll.” When also considering the “indirect” effect of the franchise industry, the report estimated that franchise businesses accounted for $1.2 trillion of private non-farm GDP.

That’s a lot of jobs created in the US economy that are being directly targeted by regulatory agencies like the NLRB, OSHA and others when they change long established standards for joint employment issues and others.  Many of the same employers are the target of an on-going campaign to pressure them over wages, the right to join a union and many other issues.  In fact, there are protests taking place in state capitols around the country today led by the Fight for $15 movement.