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When a Union Comes Calling

Are you prepared for the NLRB ambush election rules?

Are you ready to deal with card signing campaigns that are sure to follow?

When a union begins actively recruiting your employees as their newest members, you can’t rely on hope or rest on past successes. Well-trained union organizers with the backing of organizations like the SEIU, UFCW, and Teamsters are fully prepared to convince your workforce that they can solve every issue they have.

CUE member companies have faced this same challenge with dozens of different unions, and the collective knowledge and resources gained from those campaigns can be a huge asset for your situation.

CUE has the tools you need to respond. They can be accessed immediately, online, including expert advice, employee communication resources, and a wealth of knowledge. Don’t delay in reacting – get the results you need by becoming a CUE member today.