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  • Trumka responds to Trump’s State of the Union address

Trumka responds to Trump’s State of the Union address

Per POLITICO Pro, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said today that “many of the things” President Donald Trump said in his State of the Union address “are undermined by the actual policies he supports.”

“While he’s rightly acknowledged problems in trade,” Trumka said in a written statement, “America’s workers are still victim to corporate-designed deals, and last night he offered no solutions to make NAFTA benefit working people. While he recognizes the crisis of outsourcing jobs, his tax bill actually encourages corporations to do it. While he promises to put America back to work building infrastructure, he actually wants to spend more on a border wall than investing in all of America’s infrastructure for an entire year. And he uses hardworking Dreamers and TPS recipients as a bargaining chip to do it.”

Trumka also said Trump’s regulatory rollback “really means working people are denied wages and workplaces are less safe.”