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It’s Yuuge – Labor Law Update & Trump’s First 100 Days

    President Trump said he’d be an instant disrupter, and our lives will certainly be disrupted over the next few years.  Here are some labor law predictions from our panel of experts at the 2017 CUE Spring Conference. The NLRB Trump got elected to drain the swamp, but he’s finding out that DC is […]

Local Legislation to Watch

  President Trump can influence, but certainly can’t control, issues and legislation at the state and local level.  Local issues rose in importance during the Obama administration, when gridlock in Washington forced states and cities to address minimum wage, scheduling, paid family leave, and overtime legislation. National Pay Issues are Local Issues Here’s a story […]

We’re in the Money Now

Wages Remain A Hot Topic    Compensation is a technical topic for HR wonks. “How much is your salary?” used to be considered a socially boorish question, but it seems like everyone is talking about wages and pay. The minimum wage, wage theft and tipping are all in the news today.  Who’s saying what?  Let’s start […]