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The Future of Employee Relations

At the CUE Spring 2017 Conference, we were treated to a presentation by Ricky Turner, Senior Director of Employee Experience at Whirlpool. How does an organization with 30,000 employees create an engaging employee experience? As a consumer product manufacturer, Whirlpool has a team of experts who know how to market to customers. They understand how […]

Local Legislation to Watch

  President Trump can influence, but certainly can’t control, issues and legislation at the state and local level.  Local issues rose in importance during the Obama administration, when gridlock in Washington forced states and cities to address minimum wage, scheduling, paid family leave, and overtime legislation. National Pay Issues are Local Issues Here’s a story […]

CUE: A 40th Anniversary Retrospective

CUE: A 40th Anniversary Retrospective               At the CUE Spring 2017 Conference in Newport Beach, we celebrated the organization’s 40th anniversary. Former CUE Executive Directors Bob Kinsella and Charlie McLane, as well as Emeritus LLAC Member Ed Levin, along with Jim Gray and Steve Wardrop of the CCAC shared […]